The advantages of new lawnmowers

Thermal, robotic, silent, less polluting, comfortable … The lawnmowers are constantly evolving to make the chore of mowing less painful. Battery mowers Quiet “LC 141Li” Husqvarna. Rear discharge mower, battery-powered, suitable for small and medium surfaces (lower autonomy). Perfectly compatible with an urban environment: emits no noise pollution or pollution. – Cutting width: 41 cm – Price without battery: 469 € TTC.

Mowing the lawn: chore or moment of pleasure? Sometimes, when it comes to pulling the mower, pulling the starter and spending part of the day walking the field and emptying sacks of cut grass, it’s hard to associate the garden with the relaxation even if it’s a good way to clear your head and get some exercise. Comfortable and ecological But, overall, builders have realized that today, we want to enjoy his environment and his free time. As a result, lawn mowers are constantly improving, being more and more simple and comfortable to drive , respectful of the environment and more aesthetic. Conventional machines have start mechanisms that require less and less effort, when they are not electric. They can be self-propelled, with variable speed feed systems that adapt to your pitch and the terrain of your terrain. We even find that are equipped with four-wheel drive!

The use of battery electric motorsalso brings interesting solutions for small lots but especially for urban use. The lawnmowers are experiencing remarkable technological evolutions that improve their power, their autonomy and their range of action. Some of them are today adapted to surfaces of several hundred square meters. This generation, which takes full advantage of the performance of lithium-ion batteries, is distinguished by a considerable advantage over its large sisters with thermal engines: the machines are very noisy and do not pollute. Two unstoppable assets for gardens in the city or even in housing estates! The towed mowersallow to maintain larger surfaces. Today’s offer is complemented by riders or miniriders, which are an interesting alternative to conventional or self-propelled mowers. The riders are equipped with a so-called “front” cutting deck, that is to say placed at the front of the machine, which is particularly well suited to precision work. On tractors, the mower deck is located under the machine, which ensures optimum performance for large unobstructed surfaces. They offer cutting widths that are often important.

Ernest Gutierrez