The main unifying property of the azure ADLER is their elasticity. Unlike varnishes and paints, azures do not form a thick film on the surface, which eventually begins to peel off and exfoliate. Since the glaze ADLER is not film-forming, even after many years the coating does not crack, does not peel, does not exfoliate.

Another distinguishing feature of all the azure is their translucency. In contrast to paints, the azure does not hide the pattern and texture of the wood, but on the contrary, it emphasizes and enhances the beautiful figure of the tree. But there are other situations where the difference in the tone should be hidden (say, the areas of hardened wood), for the azure it is also not a problem – the specially selected ADLER colors make it possible to smooth out the difference in color and tone.

Wood glazes from Adler are divided into two main groups: water-based azure – the Lignovit series and azure on a Pullex solvent. All products have a number of advantages, such as environmental friendliness, drying time, application method, dry residue content and others. Lazuli from ADLER are vapor-permeable, that is, after application the tree continues to “breathe”. In the same way, all the azures are protected against UV radiation by protection against blue and mold and, of course, have a high protection from external factors.

At your request, the azure is tinted. Specialists of ADLER in Russia will help to choose color and saturation.

Ernest Gutierrez